Preserve, Protect & Maintain Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floors Are the Largest Antique in Your House

It’s time to Preserve, Protect & Maintain your wood floors.  Put my forty plus years of hands-on experience and direct contact with homeowners to good use.  The one hundred year old floors I have worked on have taught me some valuable lessons and I’m willing to share what I’ve learned.  My opinion is shaped by decades of working with thousands of homeowners get the most out of their wood floors. Whether it is the restoration of the wood floors at James and Dollie Madison’s Montpelier or the floors in your home, all floors get the same level of treatment.

You won’t find much of any advertising and no sales promos on my website, just the kind of information homeowners need to dodge some nasty potholes.  I’m the guy who not only tells you to avoid using vinegar and water (or other homebrews) to clean your wood floors, I tell you and show you why.  If you have UV damage to your floors, I’m going to be honest about what your options are. You can find more about UV damage here.  I won’t sugar coat what you need to do to stop your floors from being ruined by your favorite pet, check out the information about claws on a wood floor here.

passively refinished floor image

A Passively Refinished Floor

Older floors don’t have as many options and are more easily damaged by poor restoration techniques.  That’s why I developed Passive Refinishing®.  I knew that old wood floors lost more original material than any other surface during a restoration process.  I want to make Passive Refinishing® a viable option for old hardwood floors everywhere.

Once your floors are restored, protecting and maintaining them take top priority.  Too often, well-intentioned homeowners make poor choices and I’ll help you put a stop to that.

Established in 1973, the Rosebud Company uses environmentally responsible finishes and proven techniques to gently restore the inherent beauty and craftsmanship of your fine wood flooring and protect it for years of service.