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Michael Purser

When people ask me why I offered this website in providing information to floor owners, including all sorts of hardwood flooring information about the wood flooring business, I tell them I am a product of genetic engineering. My father, William B. Purser of Charlotte, N.C, started in the wood flooring business in 1946. So, like my two brothers, I grew up around the trade. I left Charlotte shortly after getting my degree in economics from the University of North Carolina-Charlotte in 1969. By 1973 I was ready to start my own business. My business was a one-man operation and I intentionally targeted working directly for homeowners and in older homes.

Passive Refinishing of Floors: Preventing the Loss of Wood

My first work was in older inner city neighborhoods where restoration work was in progress. This exposure to working on older, worn floors has proved to be invaluable as many of these floors had reached a point where conventional sanding was not an option and more skill and care were needed to preserve the floor. It forced me to think outside the box and look at wood floor refinishing in a different way. For most floors, it is a matter of altering the approach to minimize the loss of wood. Preventing  the loss of wood also led to the development of Passive Refinishing®, a process that allows for the complete refinishing of wood floors without any sanding. This has resulted in The Rosebud Company being called upon for the restoration of some of our nation’s most historic homes.

Biodegradable Chemical Cleaners

Complementing our nontraditional refinishing methods is our focus on a cleaner, safer and more environmentally responsible approach to what has been a dirty and smelly operation. I share homeowner concerns about air quality and cleanliness because my work puts me in prolonged contact with refinishing processes and materials. I am proud to offer a complete line of methods and techniques that dramatically reduce dust and noxious vapors.

Enjoyment of Wood Flooring

I hope you enjoy this website. My intention is to provide homeowners and other interested parties an abundance of useful information because most consider their wood floors to be major focal points in their homes. My goal is to help them maximize their enjoyment of their wood floors and reap the benefits of a wise investment.

Michael Purser
The Rosebud Company