Care and Maintenance of Hardwood Floors

Tips to Protect your Hardwood Floor

Image As someone who has studied wood floors, how they are finished, how they are protected and maintained, I can tell you that care and maintenance of hardwood floors has never been easier and better. Be glad you didn’t spend your weekends on your hands and knees like some of us did in our youth waxing the floors. And before that, you got to shove a 25 lb. waxing pad around on the end of a pole. Talk about fun! Hold me back! Imagine telling your maid or teenager to “hunker down” and wax away. Care and maintenance of hardwood floors—their protection, maintenance and finish is easier than ever. Today, there are newly developed hardwood floor chair protectors, cleaning kits for wood floors, and felt floor protectors.

Hardwood Floor Protection

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Bona Kemi cleaning kit

Perhaps one of the biggest obstacles to protecting your hardwood floors is the homeowner’s expectation. The feeling is that it isn’t practical to think that a surface that gets this much use and abuse is going to look good without some effort. In the past, many manufacturers of finishes did a poor job of developing a maintenance programs and failed to provide the products needed to clean floors. However, within recent years some manufacturers have developed simple, inexpensive cleaning products and kits for wood floors that dramatically improve the care and maintenance of a hardwood floor. The manufacturers of waterborne hardwood floor finishes have led the way in producing simple and logical products to solve challenging situations. They also provide tremendous consumer support via their websites when you need additional information and products.

Care and Maintenance of Hardwood Floors: Cleaning Kits for Floors

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Floor Protecters

Sometimes, it is as simple as going to the local hardware store to pick up some over-the-counter products. These will  go a long way in preventing damage and wear. On a recent trip to my Ace Hardware, I found a great display that was well stocked with Bona Kemi cleaning kits. The display has a simple video that goes over the basic cleaning steps. On aisle 18, I found a great selection of felt floor protectors that help eliminate scratches and gouges when furniture is being moved. And around the corner from the floor protectors were bristle mats for all exterior entrances. Bingo! With one trip to my local hardware store I found pretty much everything I needed to protect and preserve my floors! Check your local hardware store for supplies or use the Internet to track them down.