Waterborne Finishing Products

A waterborne polyurethane floor finish? Why Use It?

The waterborne polyurethane floor finish, also called the water based polyurethane floor finish, is a part of the dramatic improvements in products for hardwood floors developed in the last twenty years. Water based polyurethane floor varnish is the best polyurethane for floors. These finishes provide superior performance, are easily maintained and provide homeowners with options of durability, easy cleaning, color stability and much more (see options list below). For these reasons, I recommend and use waterborne polyurethanes in all my work. I have laid waterborne polyurethane floor finish on my own floors for more than ten years, and I wouldn’t consider using any other product.

Many homeowners have either never heard of this product or have gotten mixed messages about its quality. Let me give you a little background information.

The waterborne polyurethane floor finish

What originally caught my attention about waterborne urethanes was the performance I saw on my own kitchen floors when my daughter (now a teenager) was about eighteen months old. It took everything she threw and poured on it and proved to be very easy to clean and renew. As I began using waterborne polyurethane floor finishes in more demanding situations like kitchens, breakfast rooms, houses with young children, pets, etc., I continued to be very impressed by the products’ performance.

The list of benefits water based polyurethane is long and is getting longer

  • More durability and the ability to hide abrasion.
  • Specific cleaning products making maintenance and care easier.
  • Color stability to reduce ambering and discoloration.
  • Faster drying and curing times mean projects are completed much more quickly.
  • User-friendly solvents to avoid the choking and annoying vapors of mineral spirits, alcohol and toluene. This not only makes for a more tolerable work site, it also eliminates environmental and physically hazardous vapors, odors and flammable products.
  • The ability to recoat over itself and other coatings if necessary after extended use.

Applying water based polyurethane on hardwood floors

polyurethaneFinish image

Polyurethane Finish

As enthusiastic as I am about waterborne polyurethanes, my feelings are not shared by all of my competitors. Waterborne polyurethanes are difficult to work with, expensive, and mistakes are difficult to correct. Many contractors simply don’t want to pay more than $100 a gallon for a product they don’t feel comfortable working with in the first place. I can appreciate that but I can also identify with a homeowner who wants to gain the benefits waterborne polyurethane products offer. I mentioned that I have waterborne on my own floors, and I also go back and check to see how well it is holding up on older projects where I used it. I have no qualms about recommending it and will be happy to put you in touch with satisfied clients who are experiencing the benefits of these superior coatings.