Hardwood Floor Videos

These hardwood floor videos are offered by someone with over forty years of experience in the craft of renewing hardwood flooring. The video about passive refinishing shows you a method of gently treating floors without sanding. When a floor has been sanded three or four times, that’s it. You may have to replace your floor. Passive refinishing solves this problem by restoring a floor without sanding. there is another video on cleaning and recoating, another method of restoring floors without sanding. Finally, there is that popular on UTube video about scratch repair. We hope you find these interesting.

Hardwood Floor Videos: Passive Refinishing

What makes Passive Refinishing the most complete floor restoration option for historic properties? In this hardwood floor video,  Michael Purser explains the benefits, why he developed this process and shows you historic homes where it has been used.

Hardwood Floor Videos: Passive Refinishing

What exactly is Passive Refinishing? Michael Purser explains how it benefits homes and homeowners, and shows you a real jobsite example at the Flounder House in Alexandria, Va.

Hardwood Floor Videos: Clean and Recoat

Michael Purser takes you on a job site to see Clean and Recoat in action where it’s clear to see why homeowners are focusing on this option to bring their wood floors back to life without the need for heavy sanding.

Hardwood Floor Videos: Scratch Repair

Michael Purser demonstrates a simple and inexpensive method for blending unsightly scratches.