Restoration of Old Floors: Rosebud Floors’ Historic Restoration Process

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A Restored Floor

Historic Restoration

In the restoration of old floors, you won’t find anyone in the country with more experience or more options than The Rosebud Company. We cut our teeth on 100 year old hardwood floors. We learned very quickly you don’t treat old hardwood floors the same as other wood floors. We took what we learned, developed Passive Refinishing® and found ourselves working on some of the most challenging historic restoration jobs around the country. Passive Refinishing® is now the standard by which all other restoration procedures are measured and we have many successes in historic home restoration projects.

Restoration of Old Floors

The experience we learned in restoration of old floors is available to all our clients, regardless of how old or large their “castle” is. Whether you’re a former president, industrialist, or someone who just loves old houses and the stories they tell, we will help you understand all your options to avoid making costly mistakes.

So take a few minutes and check out the information some of the work Rosebud Floors has performed on historic sites:


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James Madison’s Montpelier, Orange, Virginia. Montpelier was the lifelong home of James Madison, father of the Constitution and America’s 4th president. View the Montpelier work here.






flagler museum imageFlagler Museum, Palm Beach, Fla. This hundred plus old structure in Palm Beach Florida was first called the Whitehall Hotel. The French Parlor floor was the focus of our work. View the Flagler  Museum work here.





caserta estate imageCaserta Estate, Eastville, VA.  The goal of this work was to restore the wood floors, which had been painted and painted and painted.  You can view the Caserta work here.





patterson hall imagePatterson House in Washington DC.  Our focus was the ballroom floors, more than a hundred years old. We used passive refinishing on these 100 year old floors. View Patterson House work here.





rhodes hall imageRhodes Hall, Atlanta, GA. This was one of the last great mansions built in Atlanta around 1900. Its beautiful oak floors had been sanded almost into oblivion. Rosebud floors brought them back with gentle passive refinishing. View our Rhodes Hall floor recovery work here.




stan hylet homeStan Hywet Hall  Akron, Ohio. This Stan Hywet home, considered a prime example  of Tudor Revival architecture, came with hand-crafted teak and oak flooring. See how we brought these floors back with gentle care.



Learn more about your historic restoration options: Contact us here.

Passive Refinishing of Floors

Passive refinishing of old hard wood floors removes only a tiny fraction of your flooring. Those hundred year old floors, instead of being sanded away with coarse grit paper, are preserved, then restored. You get beautiful floors with minimal loss of wood. Learn more about passive refinishing here.

Non Traditional Sanding

Any home built before 1950 has a wood floor that has already lost a lot of wood. That’s why we take a non-traditional approach to sanding old finishes off your floors. We don’t attack the floor with coarse grit paper and sprint through the work. We take a “kinder and gentler” approach to sanding the surface and remove a fraction of the wood. We’re going to take the time necessary to preserve your floors. You get beautiful wood floors with minimal loss of wood. It is a good use of our experience and a wise investment in your old wood floors. Learn more about this type of sanding here.