Testimonials: What Our Customers Say About Rosebud Co.

Most of our projects are earned on the enthusiastic testimonials of our satisfied customers. Like Rosebud, our customers are passionate about their older homes and not shy about sharing their thoughts. Read through these comments and you will get an overview of the variety of floor projects we take on, as well as the challenges and solutions.

testimonials imagefrom Satisfied Customers

“The ballroom at the Atlanta Woman’s Club is one of the most popular and sought-out event locations. We simply can’t afford to let our clients down by offering them a substandard room for their memorable events. The floors are an integral part of that room and we depend on Rosebud Co. to keep them looking good. Other companies we tried simply fell short of our high standards and expectations. Rosebud Co. understands the challenges and has provided us with the products, support and ongoing maintenance we need.”
— Beth Berry, events coordinator, Wibish House, The Altanta Women’s Club, Atlanta, GA

“Selling a home today is no easy task in this buyers market and my wife and I knew that. We had known of Rosebud Co. for years and put their expertise to work. After weighing the options that were carefully explained to us, we opted to have the floors recoated. It was quick, clean and relying on their experience and expertise, we could stay in the home the whole time. We now feel like we have a house that not only is more marketable but will provide another growing family the wonderful experience we have enjoyed. Being a good steward to a wonderful home like ours doesn’t just mean fixing the plumbing and leaky roof. It means treating it like the investment that it is so that when you are ready to move on you profit from your hard work and sweat equity. Rosebud provided us with the kind of support and expertise we needed.”
— Blair & Martha, Atlanta, GA

“Our new house was a big move for my husband and our three children. The house had been well maintained but was showing signs of wear. My children have a lot of growing to do and we know how hard that can be on wood floors. My husband and I opted to have the floors recoated to improve the look and add additional protection. We had concerns because significant amounts of acrylic maintenance products had been found on the floor. Rosebud Co. understood this and took the necessary measures to remove this and other contaminants from the floors. We had some additional issues and Rosebud also handled these quickly and professionally. Our floors look great, they have a lot more protection and I know exactly how to maintain them. I can focus on more important things – like those three children!”
— Lacey & William Jordan, Atlanta, GA

“As a young couple buying our first home, we were very lucky to find Rosebud! Michael was helpful, informative and honest. We expected that we would need major work done on our original floors (c. 1949), but Michael recommended recoating, a practical and budget-conscious approach. That was a great relief to us. We got our floors looking beautiful right away for a fraction of the price we were expecting/dreading, and we know what steps we will take with the floors in the years to come, and can plan accordingly. We are thrilled, and we highly recommend The Rosebud Company!”
— Emily Hauck & Adam Allred, Atlanta, GA

“Over the past seven years, we’ve used Rosebud four times for floor refinishing projects in two homes — and for good reason. Each project was started and finished on time and with excellent results. Any concerns we had about dust in our home were put to rest after the first job. Michael’s recommendations on finish selection and stain details have been most appreciated. We would highly recommend Rosebud for any floor refinishing project, either large or small.”
— Kevin & Chris Talmant, Atlanta, GA

“Our old pine floors were in dire need of some help. My husband and I were on our way to Los Angeles, maybe for a year or two; maybe for good. We needed something done to protect the floors and make the house attractive for the renter moving in as we left town. We gave the key and alarm code to Rosebud Co, packed the hounds and headed west. Rosebud Co. came in to do a recoating and kept us in the loop via emails and photos showing the work as it progressed. By the time we got to L.A., the work was done, the renter had a cleaning kit and care and maintenance information. We had peace of mind and some great looking floors. If you want a professional service working on your wood floors, you want Rosebud Co.”
— Michael & Jennifer Pirich, Atlanta, GA

“The Rosebud Co. did a fantastic job refinishing the floors of two bedrooms in our 86 year old home. Michael appreciates older homes and he took great care to “weave” in reclaimed flooring where termite-damaged boards had to be replaced. He selected stains that brought out the natural golden hues of our yellow pine floors, while still allowing them to blend with adjacent oak flooring in our hallway. He was careful not to damage our new paint job and went to great lengths to find and install an appropriate shoe molding to cover the unusually large gap between the baseboards and the floor. There was absolutely no dust, and the odor from the stain and topcoats was minimal, disappearing within two days. In addition to his floor refinishing expertise, he was punctual, helpful in answering questions, and the work area was immaculate. He was considerate of our schedules and he completed the project on time and on budget. Michael and his assistant, Eduardo, are true professionals and a pleasure to work with!”
— Gabrielle Dean & David Kay, Decatur, GA

“We have a Neel Reid home that dates to 1921. I needed some wood floor work done and I felt comfortable with the approach Rosebud Co. would take with our old oak and pine floors. Their background and experience in historic restoration, working on older worn floors and preserving such a handsome and vital surface in our home gave me enough peace of mind that our family headed to the mountains and a nice vacation while the work was in progress. We returned to find beautifully completed work and a clean home.”
— Michele Etheredge, Atlanta, GA

“Rosebud Co. had done some work at my parent’s home and they were pleased with the experience. When I needed wood floor refinishing at my new home I took their advice and brought in Rosebud Co. to get the look I wanted. We had large, completed samples (on the dining room floors) to choose from. We made our selection, handed over the keys to the house, the alarm code and I took my family to the beach. I monitored the progress via emails and knew things were going smoothly. When we got back the work was completed, the house was clean and I was elated. I can’t think of an easier way to deal with wood floor refinishing than simply calling Rosebud Co.”
— Stacey Barnes, Atlanta, GA

“When I bought my condo in Inman Park, there was no question who I was going to call to deal with my wood floors. Rosebud Co. worked in my parents’ house well over thirty years ago. They worked in most of the homes I played in the neighborhood growing up. I have known Michael Purser most of my life and knew about his reputation for years. If you are a first time homeowner, make your parents proud and go with Rosebud. You won’t regret it.”
— Jane Bradshaw, Atlanta, GA

“Rosebud Co. first worked on my floors in our Inman Park bungalow in the mid 1970s and my late wife and I were pleased with the work. This is my go-to company any time I touch those old pine floors. He recently recoated the old work and it came out great. Did the work in two phases to make things easier. I took the opportunity to hand him the keys and check into the hospital for some quality time having some elective surgery. I didn”t need to be around and in the way to supervise this crowd. And FYI, if you can”t feel comfortable with people working in your home unsupervised, don”t buy an old house. You”ll go crazy.
— George Venziale, Atlanta, GA

“Michael did an amazing job restoring our old parquet floors. Many people told us they were not salvageable but Michael was the only person who had experience with this type of delicate glue-down parquet installed over radiant heat. He used the lightest touch in sanding them and was meticulous. Michael was very careful in my home and did not damage the new paint job or make a mess. The floors are in my children’s rooms and he used an eco friendly stain and finish that had barely any odor and dried right away. He is by far the most knowledgeable person we ever met in regards to hardwood floors and I highly recommend him, especially to those who need to continue living in their home during the work.”
— Catherine Cocke, Decatur, GA

“Michael did a fine job of exactly matching our refinished floor’s color to that in an adjacent room. It was a joy to have the work conducted dust-free because I have asthma and really did not want extra dust in the house. Michael also took special care of my historic and unique toe molding trim, carefully sanding and matching its color to the renewed floor.”
— Marcia D. Bansley, Atlanta, GA

“The refinished oak floors of our little 1940s Decatur bungalow are absolutely gorgeous. I can’t get over how beautiful they are and how delicious they feel underfoot. Michael Purser gave us excellent advice on color choices and the best approach for old stains and some damaged areas. The project proceeded exactly as he said it would, and his consideration for our time and space was totally professional. And, dust was not an issue.”
— Marcia and Greg Farley, Decatur, GA

“When we moved into our 1940s Avondale Estates home, we knew that one of the first projects we needed to tackle was to have the floors refinished. We were delighted when Michael suggested that the stain on the floors was still in good condition, and that a simple re-coat of the polyurethane would allow the beauty of the floors to shine through and all of the worn areas to disappear. He was right – after the job was completed the floors looked brand new, and this approach saved us hundreds of dollars. We will continue to recommend The Rosebud Co. to all of our friends.”
— Shannon and Tony Balloon, Avondale Estates, GA

“The wood floors at The Flagler Museum had massive termite damage, problems from water and sunlight exposure, layers of old finish and excessive sanding. Michael’s technical expertise and management skills restored more than 23,000 square feet of our floors to their original elegance. Mr. Flagler would be proud.”
— Sandra Barghini, former chief curator,
The Flagler Museum, Palm Beach, FL

“Our home in Ansley Park has significant historic value. I was overjoyed to know the wood floors could be refinished without sanding the original oak and mahogany inlay. After Michael’s restoration, I now consider the floors as one of the finest antiques in the whole house.”
— Kent and Diane Alexander, Atlanta, GA

“The only thing we lost when Michael restored the teak and oak floors at Stan Hywet was 80 years of accumulated finishes, maintenance products and a lot of dirt and grime. Amazingly, the hand tooling marks from the original installation and patina from years of use are still there to see and appreciate.”
— Margaret Tramontine, former chief curator, Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens, Akron, OH

“My wife and I have hardwood floors throughout our entire house. We had put off having them refinished because we feared the mess and chaos of the process. Fortunately, we heard about and hired Michael. The floors now look fantastic, there was virtually no mess during the process, and we couldn’t be happier. The water-based finishing that Michael used is a great product and it avoided the noxious fumes associated with oil-based finishes – and it’s stronger! The floors are now an integral part of our beautiful Druid Hills home rather than something to avoid looking at as we walked across them.”
— Susan Gantt and Kirk Larson, Atlanta, GA

“Michael Purser is an absolute scholar of floors. He did an extraordinary job refinishing the intricate inlaid floors in our old Druid Hills home. He also put in a new floor in our basement that we love as well. He is a delightful person and fun to work with.”

— Barbara Stoll, Druid Hills, Atlanta, GA

“Michael and his team worked magic on our worn wood floors. With virtually no dust or lasting odors, the rebirth of our beautiful wood floors was hassle free and without problems. Our finished floors have lightened up our entire home, not to mention the value we feel it has added to our house.”

— Tom and Julie Budnik, Decatur, GA

“After years of neglect and wear, there is no doubt the thin, decorative inlay floors at Rhodes Hall were beyond sanding. Seven species of wood in a variety of patterns were completely restored and are now protected for future use. Michael’s innovative approach to restoration defied the odds and helped preserve one of Atlanta’s most important landmarks.”

— Tommy Jones, former Director of Restoration, Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation, Atlanta, GA

“Like any homeowner, I was skeptical when I heard the claims about how clean refinishing my floors could be. But I now have beautiful floors and a very clean house. I am extremely pleased with Michael’s work and highly recommend his services to those looking for competency and a higher standard in wood floor refinishing.”

— Dr. Frank Pickens, Atlanta, GA