Waterborne Polyurethane Recoating: Rosebud Has Decades of Experience

Waterborne Polyurethane Recoating: Rosebud Has Decades of Experience

Now That’s a Spring Break

In what is now a popular cliché for the Rosebud Co., “we’ve been there, done that” many times before.  Over the years, it has been common for Rosebud to be working in a family’s home while they frolicked at the beach, traveled abroad or hiked/camped a trail.   For some, it isn’t enough to be “out of sight, out of mind.”  They want to be “out of state, having fun” and we have forty years of experience helping homeowners enjoy this option.

There are a few people who might question the decision Allen and Heather Sautter just made.  You see, they had a bit of a challenge: how do you refinish the hardwood floors on the first floor level and only stairway of their two-story home in Kirkwood with two young sons, a dog and an active lifestyle?  Their solution was two parts; first, load those two young cowboys into the family minivan and drive to Austin, Texas to visit some family for spring break.  (Round trip, that’s close to thirty hours of driving and almost 2,000 miles.)  The second part was to hand the house keys and the code to the alarm to a guy Allen had met twice and Heather only once.   There are many who are now rolling their eyes, predicting the worse and saying, “dude, what were you thinking?”

Waterborne Polyurethane Recoating

The key is having a solid game plan. Prior to leaving, Heather chose a color that would compliment the other wood surfaces in their home.  The stain was English Chestnut and to put it mildly, it is very handsome on oak. With two growing boys, you need something that is going to hold up and the choice was made for four applications of waterborne polyurethane.  When it comes to performance, you don’t get any better than this state of the art, environmentally responsible coatings.  Not only are they tough, but they are also easily maintained.

Technology also simplified things and helped put Allen and Heather’s mind at ease.  Not only did they get status reports via texting, I emailed them digital pictures to track our progress.  When I said we had stained the floors on Wednesday, they had a supporting picture in their inbox showing the changes in the rooms.  We didn’t have to do this but we felt it was another iteration of that old “trust but verify” thing.  If you want to relax on a vacation, it helps to know that things are going well back home.

Waterborne polyurethane recoating also gives you some other great options.  For example:  Allen called at 6:30 Thursday night asking me if they could walk on the floor at 3:00 AM the next morning.  (“Excuse me, could you repeat that?”)  The family had left Austin a day early and was already on the road.  He knew we had made two applications of finish that day.  If we had been working with any other finishing products, the answer would have been, “sorry, give it another eight hours or so…. maybe?”  But with the excellent drying and curing times of waterborne urethanes, the answer was a simple “yes.”

Heather's choice image

Heather’s choice of English Chestnut was excellent.

When Allen, Heather and their two young cowboys got home, they had some great looking floors and the house didn’t smell like a paint shed.  In fact, it didn’t have any offensive odors or off-gassing of any type.  They were able to walk on the floors and within a short period of time, the furniture was back in place and life was becoming normal.  We worked cleanly and efficiently and managed to help this young couple get more out of their spring break than most people could ever imagine.  Challenges were met along with Allen and Heather’s expectations on getting some handsome wood floors.  A lot was accomplished in a very short period of time.

So tell me again, what did you do on your spring break?