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Old wood floors need an advocate.
That's why you're here.

What We Offer


The objective for restoring old wood floors is to accomplish it without traditional aggressive sanding and excessive loss of wood. Read more.

Developed in 1992, Passive Refinishing® does just that and relies on environmentally responsible chemicals to remove surface accumulations and get to bare wood without the loss of any wood. It has a flawless record on some of the most challenging restoration projects in the country.


The focus here is on extending the useful life of the largest antique in your old home – the original wood floors – often quite a challenge. Read more.

You need to have a good understanding of your options in order to make an informed decision. All too often a well intended, but poorly informed, homeowner makes decisions that may not be in the best interest of this critical surface. A lot is asked of this highly used, and often abused, surface and care should be taken to see that its structural integrity and handsome appearance is maintained. We bring an experienced opinion to this conversation and make sure clients have clear expectations based on realistic options.


With more than forty-five years of hands-on experience working on old wood floors, Rosebud Co. is happy to share what we’ve learned. Read more.

This is done through our collection of blogs in Lessons Learned and videos that give you a visual perspective on how to meet the challenges of owning an old floor. You won’t see advertising on this website because I don’t believe in accepting any compensation for product promotion or to bias my opinion. If I recommend a product it’s because I’ve used it and like the results.




Homeowners, contractors and historic facility managers: want to learn the Rosebud method for yourself? Watch our how-to videos or subscribe to the whole series. We think you’ll agree that these instructional and informative videos are a worthwhile investment.


You won’t find anyone in the country with more experience or more options than The Rosebud Company. We cut our teeth on 100-year-old hardwood floors, and have worked on some of the most challenging historic restoration jobs around the country.

Repairing At-Risk Wood Floors

Traditional methods of repairing a damaged floor are well-intended but often weaken an old floor.…

Read more

James and Dolley Madison’s Montpelier

James and Dolley Madison’s Montpelier was the lifelong home of America’s fourth president, James Madison.
Read more

Flagler Museum

In the Flagler Museum restoration, under the best of circumstances, its hundred year old hardwood floors would present challenges.
Read more

Washington’s Patterson Mansion

Washington's Patterson Mansion, designed by architect Stanford White, had worn-out hardwood ballroom floors.
Read more

Rhodes Hall, an Atlanta Landmark

Constructed in 1904 as home to Rhodes Furniture founder Amos Rhodes, Rhodes Hall is now a museum in Atlanta.
Read more

Stan Hywet Hall Restoration Project

Most wood on the first floor was a teak veneer. In the dining room, the wood was quarter-sawn oak in a herringbone pattern.
Read more


A collection of blogs that are intended to help you steward your old wood floors. I cover a wide range of topics and rely on personal experience to help guide you.

Rosebud Floors Vintage Logo

Rosebud Floors Newsletter

Seems Like Only Yesterday . . . Fifty years ago, I took the big plunge. I was at a point in my life where I…

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Steam cleaning wood floors? More like scalding them!

Should you use steam cleaning on hardwood floors? Absolutely NOT and here’s why... Humans will experience third-degree burns if exposed to 150°F for two seconds…

Read more

Restoration Without Sanding

Restoration, Not Devastation When the challenge of restoring old historic wood floors without sanding was thrown down, Rosebud Company was the only wood flooring company…

Read more


My goal? To provide homeowners, contractors and historic home managers with an abundance of useful information to help them maximize the beauty and service of their old wood floors.


Founder | Owner

Old wood floors need an advocate; someone in their corner that understands this noble surface and knows it can’t be treated like all other wood floors. That’s why you’re here. Old wood floor have special needs and those should be considered when they are being restored. Due to aging and a host of other conditions, you can’t expose this wood to traditional sanding without the potential for doing more harm than good. It’s hard to call something “restoration” if the end result is a less stable and weaker surface. I started my business working on old wood floors and I’ll end it working on old wood floors. This type of work opened my eyes, my mind and got me thinking outside the box. Since I rarely worked through contractors or other third parties, I spent much more time with homeowners and this gave me a different perspective on what they wanted and what their expectations were.

That’s why the only services I’m offering these days is for restoring or preserving older wood floors. I stopped offering traditional refinishing services years ago and decided to focus entirely on restoring old floors using Passive Refinishing® or refurbishing aging finishes with Clean & Recoat. Neither of these approaches does damage to the surface and both are clean, environmentally responsible and extend the life of the floors for decades to come. I have blogs and videos here that give you a good overview of either process. I hope you enjoy your visit to my site and go away with a better understanding of how to treat the largest antique in your home. So do your homework, learn the surface and be prepared to be it’s advocate when it’s time to restore. Best wishes for your old wood floors!


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