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We’re entering that time of year when activities start moving indoors.  Tailgate parties in your family room when the home team is playing. Sleepovers with the new and old classmates.  Halloween parties.  And the year-end holiday crush.  With all this activity the chances for damage to your floors go up so let’s take a few minutes and check to make sure your protection is up to date.

  • How’s that exterior bristle mat holding up? (The one everyone has to walk over when they come over.)  Bristle mats have a tendency to flatten out with exposure to the elements so replace it if it’s lost its efficiency.
  • How about that interior walk-off mat just inside the doors going to the exterior? I’m not looking to make a design statement with this, just stop stuff being tracked inside.  How’s yours doing?  You do have one, right?
  • Check the bottoms of chairs, tables and other furniture to see how the protective pads are holding up. If chairs get used a lot, the felt protectors sometimes get torn off so be ready to replace them if you need to.
  • Bought any new furniture during the year? Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t come with the right protection and needs updating. Do the due diligence to avoid a mishap.
  • Do you have pads under all your area rugs? Never put a decorative rug on any wood floor without the proper pad.
  • Finally, do you have anything that holds water sitting directly on your wood floors? Potted plants or pet water bowls are two good examples.  Make sure they have space underneath them for air to pass through and dry out any spilled or standing water.

Still have questions?  Head to our Facebook page and check out the post on this subject to get pictures and explanations.

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