Rhodes Hall

Atlanta GA

Rhodes Hall has been an Atlanta landmark for over a century. Constructed in 1904 as home to Rhodes Furniture founder Amos Rhodes, it is now a museum in Atlanta. It also serves as headquarters for The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation.It is one of the few remaining mansions on Atlanta’s Peachtree Street, and it is located just north of Pershing Point. Built in 1904, it  is constructed of Stone Mountain granite in the Romanesque Revival style. It possesses a nation-wide importance for both the quality and design of its architecture. Rosebud’s historic restoration and refinishing  was applied on floors over a hundred years old.

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Rhodes Hall in Atlanta, GA. One of the last great mansions on Peachtree St., in Atlanta, GA., Rhodes Hall was built in 1904 for Amos Rhodes, founder of Rhodes Furniture.

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Worn Wood Floor. Like most wood floors in older homes, they had seen their better days.

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A worn floor but with beautiful work. There were decades of products and filth that had been dumped on these beautiful patterned floors and left to age.

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The wood was very thin, ¼ inch, and all pieces had been face nailed to the subfloor. Sanding was not an option.

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Using Passive Refinishing® all surface accumulations were removed without any loss of original wood and then finishes applied.

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The finished floors reveal exquisite craftsmanship and beauty that had been overlooked within the mansion for more than 90 years.

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The rich colors of the various species of wood reappeared and the handsome floors of Rhodes Hall are ready to entertain again. Rhodes Hall is in Atlanta, GA and open to the public. It is prominently located on Peachtree St. . . . of course.