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Restoration, Not Devastation

When the challenge of restoring old historic wood floors without sanding was thrown down, Rosebud Company was the only wood flooring company to take it seriously.  History professionals understood that restoration, not devastation is the goal.  You’re not restoring anything if you’re sanding the surface accumulations and losing a significant amount of the original wood floor.  Much of what you were trying to restore is sitting in a garbage bag on the curb headed to the landfill and the wood floor is weaker for the loss.

Passive Refinishing®

Passive Refinishing® is the most successful method for restoring old wood floors without aggressively sanding the wood and in an environmentally responsible manner.  The Rosebud Company developed Passive Refinishing® almost thirty years ago and since then has used this proprietary approach to passively restore old wood floors in some of our nations most historic properties.  A portion of our portfolio includes:

  • Stan Hywet – F.A. Seiberling residence, Akron, Ohio
  • Whitehall – Henry Morrison Flagler residence, Palm Beach, FL
  • Montpelier – James & Dollie Madison residence, Orange, VA
  • Patterson House – Patterson Family residence, Washington, DC
  • Fair Lane – Henry & Clara Ford residence, Dearborn, MI
  • Rhodes Hall – Amos Rhodes residence, Atlanta, GA
  • Flounder House – Private residence, Old Town, Alexandria, VA.
  • Bel Meade – Private residence, Williamsburg, VA
  • Goodrum House – Goodrum Family residence, Atlanta, GA
  • La Caserta – Private residence, Eastville, VA
  • Gorgas House – Gorgas Family residence, Tuscaloosa, AL
  • Hay House – William & Anne Johnston residence, Macon, GA

Passive Refinishing® has been used to restore over one hundred thousand square feet of wood floors in historic properties.  The work is done with chemicals that are safe, biodegradable and do not create a hazardous work site or pose a threat to humans when used and handled correctly.

Preserve, Restore and Protect

The goal in all our projects is to preserve, restore and protect old wood floors without the loss of original material.   We focus on older properties as we have had very good results in removing old finishes.  New and contemporary finishes are often resistant to the chemicals we use therefore all  projects are thoroughly tested, sampled and vetted before work begins.

Learn more about the Passive Refinishing® process and the success we’ve had, please watch the video summaries of our projects.  We have some excellent action video of a project in Alexandria, VA in a Flounder House.  You may want to skip my explanation of the origin of the term flounder house and go to the 2:00 mark in the video where we start highlighting our restoration work using Passive Refinishing®.  Visit our Facebook page as we post videos, photos and other information of our projects.

Thank you for your interest!


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