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The Value Of Clean & Green

There is little doubt that wood floors in residential houses are the most highly prized material ever put under our feet or furniture. Ask any realtor or look at any real estate advertising and it is clear that wood floors increase the value of a home and facilitate its sale. Simply put, this flooring material is an asset to have in your home.

At the same time, one of the most dreaded acts any homeowner may venture into is wood floor refinishing. Dusty, smelly, dirty, vapors, disruptive, displaced, and inconvenient are just a few choice words that come naturally when homeowners describe the process. They said it enough that some manufacturers actually listened and decided to offer some reasonable alternatives. The areas that they focused on were dust and noxious fumes. Because the majority of our work is in occupied houses or facilities where excessive dust and vapors are not tolerated, Rosebud Co. invested in the equipment, training and materials to dramatically reduce these troublesome byproducts of wood floor refinishing.

Dust Containment: Let’s cut to the chase – wood dust is a known carcinogen. Whether you have constant exposure or, like a homeowner, have casual contact, you are better off avoiding it all together. It is also the source of complaints and problems that occur on most worksites. Using enhanced vacuum systems, we have reduced dust to the point it no longer is an issue on our worksites. We have chosen to go with a mobile system and our clients have been stunned at how clean our work is. We do not claim a 100% dustless operation, and you should be suspicious of anyone who does, but we will give you a clean, safe worksite.

Environmentally Responsible Finishes: Rosebud Co. is proud to offer our clients a selection of high quality finishes that are environmentally responsible and provide homeowners with a durable and easily maintained surface. This includes a strong selection of waterborne products and hardening oils. We also use stains with lower VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that improves the worksite environment. With incredible fast drying and curing times, work can be completed more quickly and floors can be back in service sooner.

Homeowners should never pay more unless they are getting more and in this case, you are getting a good return on your investment:

  • Enhanced dust containment facilitates work in occupied and furnished homes.
  • Removing dust eliminates the primary source of complaints and problems.
  • Waterborne products offer superior durability, protection and are more easily maintained.
  • Hardening oils that provide an excellent option to coatings.
  • Faster drying and curing times reduces the down time.
  • By eliminating hazardous vapors and fumes, homeowners do not have to vacate while work is in progress.
  • VOC compliant finishes provide a healthier work environment and remove a highly flammable material from the work place.

Michael Purser | © Rosebud Co.  2016

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