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The “In House Move”:  Discovering Space

A lot of people are choosing to stay in their homes instead of selling. Often times, they focus on improving and updating what they have via remodeling or restoration. One of the challenges they face is what to do with their “stuff” when the workers show up to start the improvements. In many cases, the amount and scope of work is lighter and more cosmetic than full blown construction and doesn’t warrant the temporary storage placed in driveways, on the street or in the yard. Since all of my work is on the wood floors, it can be a make or break issue with a lot of homeowners. Let me introduce you to the “in house” move.

The in house move basically means that you have professional movers come in and turn your house into a safe and well-organized storage facility till all work is completed. Your “stuff” stays onsite and is protected. They can look at a dining room living room or garage and figure out how to store more furnishings in these rooms than you ever thought possible. It will be well organized and protected. You are having professionals, who are insured and bonded, come into your home and do what they have done many times before. Their backs are accustomed to moving a hide-a-bed, yours isn’t. They know how to move a grand piano without damaging it or the wood floors. Your walls and doorways will be protected and won’t be banged or paint chipped. And when the work is completed, they re-install everything. It is a pretty sane way of handling things and for some of us, beats back surgery.

If you have a project where this could work, simply call movers you trust, have a history with or have a good reputation when you check out impartial reviews. Give them an overview of how large the areas are and the amount of furnishings and you will often get pricing information over the phone. You can usually e-mail them pictures of your rooms if you want to speed things up. For more complicated projects, they may have to make an onsite visit to assess your project. Rates are reasonable, considering what you are doing and may be a fraction of repair costs if you try and wing it.  Plus, you are doing the smart thing by treating your home and possessions as an investment.

Michael Purser | © Rosebud Co. 2016

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