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Special Events Protection

It is not unusual for a private residence to assume a role or be exposed to conditions it is not ordinarily meant to endure. Wedding receptions, open houses or cameo appearances involving throngs of people and professionals can present some real challenges. These events can and should be a source of good memories and fun, not a time when you experience frustration and stress. Here are some simple tips for dramatically reducing any potential problems:

Do not allow any tape of any type to make direct contact with the finish on your floors. Absolutely no exceptions. This is a sure way of ruining any finish and I don’t care what excuses you get, don’t do it! The intentions may be good, but I have seen dozens of floors damaged this way.

Be careful using protective runners over wood floors. The back of the runners should be smooth and provide light traction to the surface. Some runners have raised points to grab carpets or area rugs and these points will easily indent the finish.

Heavy items should be placed on dollies with rubber casters. Be wary of hard plastic casters as they can indent the finish and wood.

Consider Masonite or hardboard to protect your floors. It comes in 4’x 8’ sheets and can be found in any building supply house. Lightweight and thin, you may put it down in whole pieces or cut up to form tracks for moving heavy objects. This is cheap and dependable protection.

Liquids should be kept out of the area or in some type of protective container to avoid moisture damage. Wet bars should not be allowed to set up with any containers that would allow moisture, especially condensed moisture, to make prolonged contact with any surface.

All items being placed directly on the floor should have some type of protective material attached to them to prevent damage. Be sure to specify this to the event team.

High heel shoes will damage marble, destroy concrete and easily indent any specie of wood and all finishes. You may rest assured that high heel shoes will damage wood floors regardless of the size and weight of the individual wearing them. Ban them from your home – your feet and floors will thank you!

Do not deviate from the recommended products for cleaning your wood floors. Vacuum to remove dust and debris. Use only those liquid cleaners supplied with your job and use them as recommended. In the event that the clean up of any affair is being handled by an outside contractor, it is worthwhile to intervene and dictate exactly what they will be using. Some cleaning contractors have their own unique blends and methods that can easily be at odds with what is good for your wood floors.

Do not hesitate to take information in this document and put it into any contract or agreement you need to protect your wood floors. Always demand that the responsible authorities sign your agreements to avoid embarrassing or troubling situations.

Michael Purser | © Rosebud Co.  2016

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