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After more than forty-five years of being the sole proprietor of The Rosebud Company, I felt it was time to look into options for my company if it is to stay operational.  Most small trade companies just fade away when the principal owner pulls back from the operations.  This wasn’t what I had in mind so I’ve taken steps to extend the life of my company.  Meet Jenna Novic.

Jenna has a good background in wood floor work. She has worked in the field for over twenty-one years and like me, there’s a heavy emphasis on wood floors in older homes.  She is familiar with all manner of equipment and all contemporary stains, finishes, and dyes. She had her own solo business from 2008 until four years ago when parenting a young man named River took priority.  I had been around Jenna on worksites and saw she was a hard worker – quick to learn and take instruction.  Over a year ago, she started working with me part-time and her role has continued to expand. Knowing you don’t find people with her kind of talents and an outstanding work ethic every day, I’ve offered her a bigger role in Rosebud Company.  I will continue to work with her and cover the administrative functions of the company with the idea that Jenna will eventually take over the lion’s share of work.

Rosebud has had a good run and I’m hoping with proper training and management it will be around to help other homeowners dealing with old floors.  Like me, Jenna understands that old wood floors are at far greater risk and homeowners need better options. We are both committed to this group and will continue to help this underserved market.

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